Current Table

A particular object that interested me from the London design trip was about Marjan van Aubel’s “Current Table”. The Current table was created in 2014 as a venture in to furniture which could provide useful energy. The Current Table has a glass surface full of dye sensitised solar cells which use a process similar to […]

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Why I design

Why I design. Really I feel like I design because I enjoy the process of creation. Taking an idea through to a viable potential product fascinates me. Designing was the activity I enjoyed most in school, a subject where my creative and academic side could come together to create something worthwhile. When I design I […]

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Mine Kafon

Mine strewn Afghanistan,  young boys play in the open sands racing rolling simple toys against the strong desert winds. The toys carry on the wind fast and travel far, too far sometimes for the safe-zones and off into minefields that still litter the war wracked countryside.  Now one of those boys, Massoud Hassani has returned. […]

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